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Back Pain – What Should I do First?

The short answer is call a chiropractor.  Chiropractic has been shown in studies to be the most cost-effective way to manage back pain as well as having the best long-term outcome.  This is in comparison to medical management, or physical therapy.

A chiropractor’s first goal should be to get you out of pain.  When indicated, an approach may include adjustment, ice, pain-blocking electric stimulation, anti-inflammatory herbs, protease, and movement in pain-free ranges.  Of course, some of these you can do yourself until you can get in to see your chiropractor.

Next, you will want to rehabilitate damaged tissues.  This can be simple or complex depending on the extent of your injury and your general health prior to experiencing back pain.  Continued adjustments, ultrasound, microcurrent, and acupuncture are all hands-on ways of increasing your body’s ability to heal, but you will not heal at all without the proper building blocks.  Restoring the function of your cells through nutrition is essential in eliminating pain for good.

Finally, you will need to restore proper body mechanics.  This is done through targeted stretches, exercises, and balance challenges and can also be aided by joint motion improvement and nerve stimulation through the chiropractic adjustment, which as you can now see, is part of all three phases.

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