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Healthcare vs. Sick Care

Our definition of healthcare is wrong.  Healthcare is defined as the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments in humans.  If the focus of your care is an impairment or dysfunction as described, then it is not really care for health but care for sickness and would more accurately be called “sick care”.

True healthcare would be focused on building a strong, healthy, efficiently functioning body and mind.  This is something that each of us is responsible for.  Taking care of your health requires nourishing your cells with the foods and micronutrients they need, supporting the function of your body with exercise, and managing the harmful attacks on your body in the form of toxins, injury, and psychological stress.

Healthcare can be facilitated by doctors who focus on real health rather than managing sickness.   It is no secret that most conditions currently being treated with medicine in the United States can be prevented with proper lifestyle, but these same such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, syndrome X, fibromyalgia, obesity, hypothyroid, high blood pressure, and arthritis can be greatly reduced or reversed with the correct application of the principles of health.

Health is approached in three main ways at Inside Out Wellness.  Chiropractic adjustments manage physical stress to the musculoskeletal system and allow the nervous system to function at its best, controlling and coordinating all the other organs and systems of the body.  A subtler form of communication in the body is also improved with energy medicine such as BioSET or the Chinese system of acupuncture points.  Finally, the cellular structure and biochemical functions are restored and supported with nutritional and herbal therapies.

Any disease or disorder you have is the expression of a body that is not healthy in some way.  If you are really giving yourself healthcare rather than “sick care”, your body will express health rather than sickness.

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