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Nutrition for Muscle Cramps

Have you even been woken in the middle of the night with a cramp in your foot or lower leg?  It may have been a painful reminder that you weren’t getting enough of some essential nutrients.

Muscles commonly go into spasm when they don’t have the right balance of minerals and fluid.  Minerals are needed to create the electrical charges that make muscles contract and relax.  If you are dehydrated, there is no space for the electrical charges to take place.  The most common mineral deficiency is magnesium, but potassium, calcium and sometimes phosphorous may be involved.  Some people need vitamin D to utilize these minerals and many need digestive support to be able to absorb them.

Remember that your heart is a large, active muscle that needs the same support as your other muscles.  If you are having cramps from mineral deficiency or dehydration, your heart is deficient in these nutrients as well.  I have known people who were able to stop taking nitroglycerin for their chest pain when they supplemented the proper minerals.

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