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The Ugly Truth About Statins

32 million Americans are prescribed a statin drug.[1]  In cases where the person has suffered a heart attack or stroke or has narrowed arteries with calcified plaque, statin drugs help to reduce the risk of a future cardiovascular event.[2]  However, in uncomplicated cases of high cholesterol, these drugs may be unnecessary and may do more harm than good.[3]  The Multi-Ethnic Study on Atherosclerosis at Johns Hopkins led researchers to point out that promoting statin drugs as “preventive therapy” for future heart attacks in healthy men and women who don’t already have artery-clogging calcium deposits is just bad medicine. They caution against the overprescribing of statin drugs because these drugs can cause hyperglycemia (an increase in blood sugar levels) and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.  The FDA also now requires a warning label on statin drugs indicating that they can cause memory loss, memory impairment, and or confusion.[4]  The new label also tells patients who experience fatigue, loss of appetite, dark urine, upper stomach pain or jaundice to notify their doctor immediately, as these symptoms can indicate the onset of a life-threatening kidney problem.  These are aside from the most common side effect of statins – muscle pain.

All these side effects are the direct result of the way statin drugs interfere with the normal function of the body.  They deplete the body of nutrients like CoQ10, impair the detoxification processes of the liver, and cause breakdown of tissues throughout the body including the muscles, nerves, and kidneys.  All that from a class of drugs whose life saving benefits are actually seriously doubted.

There are natural alternatives to statins.  Cholesterol is formed from components in the foods we eat and cleared out of the body by a properly functioning liver and digestive system.   It is estimated that 90-95 percent of patients can get their blood cholesterol into the ideal range using simple dietary / lifestyle modifications and a natural supplement.  Instead of causing memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, kidney damage, muscle pain, muscle weakness and other problems associated with statins, natural interventions have the potential to extend life and improve all the systems of the body.


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