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Vitamin D – Why you should get tested and use a high-quality supplement

Have you had your vitamin D level tested?  I checked mine a few weeks ago, and despite spending time outdoors in the middle of summer in Austin daily and wearing no sunscreen whatsoever, my vitamin D was lower than the healthiest levels.  This is also despite the 100% RDA of vitamin D that is in my multivitamin.

Why is this important?  Vitamin D is involved in bone health, heart health, skin health,  mood, and immune balance.  People with optimal levels of vitamin D are less likely to get cancer and less likely to suffer from allergies.  Low levels of vitamin D are associated with digestive problems, autoimmune disease, and many painful conditions.

Don’t use just any vitamin D supplement though.  A recent study found that the potency of vitamin D supplements varies widely and may be as little as 9% of the amount listed on the label.  Only slightly more than half of the supplements tested met USP  Convention standards.

I have added Biotics Research Bio-D Mulsion Forte to my routine to improve my vitamin D levels.  It is a highly-absorbable liquid form made by a company that is known for having the highest standards in safety and efficacy.  Bio-D Mulsion Forte and many other high-quality nutritional products from Biotics Research are available at Inside Out Wellness.  Call 512-326-1000 to find out how we can help you with your wellness goals.

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