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Why Don’t I Have Any Energy? Part 2 – Thyroid


Low thyroid function is a very common cause of fatigue.  Thyroid hormones affect every cell in the body, and your cells cannot do their job without adequate levels.  When your thyroid function is low, you may be tired, have difficulty losing weight, puffiness, poor skin and hair, high or low blood pressure or high cholesterol as a result.  Many people feel groggy or have a headache, especially in the morning, and often complain of brain fog.

A study in 1995 estimated that 13 million Americans suffered from undiagnosed thyroid problems.  I am sure that number has gone up!  Even if you have been told that your thyroid levels are “normal” they may not be the best they can be.  More in-depth testing combined with safe and natural supplements can optimize your thyroid health and make you feel much better!

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