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Why Don’t I Have Any Energy? Part 3 – Blood Sugar

Most people are aware that their energy can change with their blood sugar.  When blood sugar levels drop, you may feel tired, shaky, dizzy, or moody.  If it happens at night, you may wake up and not be able to fall back asleep.  Other symptoms of blood sugar problems are fatigue after meals, sugar or caffeine cravings, hormonal issues, weight gain, blood pressure imbalance, cholesterol problems, and diabetes.

Our bodies have a built-in system to keep blood sugar inside a healthy range.  Even if meals are delayed from time to time, your body should be able to use fat stores as fuel to keep your energy up although you may be hungry.  Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle puts a large burden on this system and causes  a lot of the problems mentioned above.

Specific nutrients, diet changes, and stress reduction can dramatically improve your energy by keeping your blood sugar at a healthy level.  Make an appointment to learn what changes can help you feel your best.

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